It was most probably 2010 while going to PIMS hospital from Faizabad to stay with my brother at doctor hostel over there, I fetched the cab and after negotiating of fare set out for the destination. On my way just for the sake of conversation and information I asked the driver about his everyday life and how he make the both ends meet.As the discussion gain momentum the driver started whining, cursing the government and the attitude of politicians. He mentioned how single rupee is taken by the politicians by corrupt practices .Many of the words he used for the heads of state could not be written over here. To cut the long story short as I reached near the gate of PIMS the cab driver told me to fake myself as a doctor and to tell a lie to the ticket checker to avoid paying of 10 Rs.
The driver’s whole speech of 10 minutes started resonating into my mind .I reminded him of his speech and lecture on corruption he replied ‘das rupay hain kia hota hai janab’, it is only Ten rupees no problem dear.
So I concluded that day although one corrupt side of picture is very clear to us but to the other important side of the picture we turn a blind eye .Our oblivion towards our own malpractices and that small acts of corruption has been so deeply rooted and penetrated in our unconscious that we do it either by justifying it or unintentionally.

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